Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR)

What is a Safeguarding Adult Review?

Under the Care Act 2014, only Safeguarding Adult Boards (SAB) can carry out a SAR.

The Act specifies at section 44 that a SAR must be conducted in circumstances where the TSAB has concerns about how members of TSAB or other agencies with relevant functions, have worked together to protect an adult in Thurrock, with care and support needs, who:

  1. has died as a result of suspected abuse or neglect, or
  2. is still alive, but has experienced serious abuse or neglect, and would have died if it were not for intervention, or has suffered permanent harm.

The SAR aims to learn lessons from an incident that will prevent deaths and serious abuse or neglect happening in the future. SARs are also used to explore examples of best practice in the way the case was managed, for example how agencies worked together to prevent and reduce abuse and neglect.

What is serious abuse or neglect?

In cases of suspected abuse or neglect of adults it can be:

  1. cases where the adult may have died from the abuse or neglect if it were not for an intervention, or
  2. the adult has suffered permanent harm, has reduced capacity or quality of life as a result of the abuse or neglect.

Anyone can request a SAR

  • The adult who has experienced abuse or neglect,
  • Their family, friends or advocate,
  • An organisation that has worked with the adult,
  • Any organisation that is a member of the Safeguarding Adults Board,
  • MP, councillor, or
  • Coroner

For more information on SARs, read the Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Board SAR Policy or contact the TSAB Manager on or call 01375 659713.

The diagram below shows what happens when someone requests a SAR. Within four weeks, the request will be examined and a decision will be made on whether a SAR is needed. Whatever the outcome of the decision, the Board will keep everyone involved up-to-date with the latest developments.

For more information, see the SAR process map below:

You can also download a PDF version of our SAR Process Map from here

To request a SAR complete the form SAR1

Other types of reviews

There may be times when the SAB does not feel that a case meets the requirements for a SAR. When this happens the SAB may decide to hold a different type of review to explore whether:

  • there is good practice that would enhance multi-agency working;
  • there are concerns that the policy or practice of one or more agencies may have hindered other agencies’ ability to protect the adult, such as information sharing or resources;
  • there is concern that an emerging theme may lead to serious harm or death of an adult in Thurrock if not tackled, such as under reporting of particular types of abuse or lack of advocacy.

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