Policies & Procedures

Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Safeguarding Adults Guidelines and Policy:

SET Safeguarding Adults Forms:

Mental Capacity Assessment, IMCA and Best Interests Forms:

Thurrock Safeguarding Adults Review Policy and Form:

 Useful information:

If you are looking for something that you cannot find here, send an email to TSAB@thurrock.gov.uk

Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Child Protection Procedures:

Information Sharing Protocols:

An Information Sharing Protocol (ISP) is a set of common rules binding on all the organisations involved in an information sharing initiative. They are also known as Data Sharing Agreements (DSA) and Information Sharing Agreements (ISA).

The WEISF Partnership are working together to publish all Information Sharing Protocols for you to view. The Protocol provides the purpose of the information sharing initiative, the organisations that will be involved in the information sharing, the information items to be shared and the basis for sharing.

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